Shipping & Returns


Shipping Policy
We ship within the US and Europe. Ruby Hemp Shop offers both standard and express shipping. With all orders above $500 and we ship using reliable shipping companies like DHL TNT USPS FedEx for standard and express shipping. Packages are well sealed using double vacuum sealed bags. Which helps to protect the package from any damage while in transit.Our packages come with COA\’S and test result for each corresponding batch.We also offer priority delivery which comes direct as mail it is very affordable($25). We also make sure our products come with Law Enforcement notification description of the 2014 agricultural act.

Once payment is confirmed. We take 1 business day to test package ,inspect and get it set for delivery.Once this is complete we ship it out the next day. Delivery time is estimated at 3 to 5 business days.

Return Policy
Note after payment is confirmed and shipment is sent out we provide a tracking number as proof of shipping.Our return policy is very flexible any package we ship out and when delivered the customer is not satisfy with the product for one reason or the other we immediately ship out a new package with no cost from the customer. This applies for mostly damage products.

Account & Privacy Policy
We do not collect any personal information from customers unless you voluntarily provide it to us.However you may be required to provide some personal information to use certain products with our shop. Which includes setting up and account and shopping.We do not share any customer information with any third party service.