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Berry Exotic CBD

CBD Hemp Direct is stoked to release this strain.
This is our second harvest of the very popular Berry Exotic CBD flower,
best known for its berry and earthy aroma.
This CBD flower is also part of the 20+ CBD club, testing at a potency of 21.1% CBD.
If you are looking for indica traits in your cbd flowers, then look no further!
Is loaded with the beneficial terpenes Caryophyllene,
Myrcene and Humulene that can produce calm and relaxing “indica-like” effects. Otto x Cherry one of the best you can find on the market.

Berry Exotic Strain Information:
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage: Berry Exotic
Aroma: Dank, earthy, berry
Feeling: Calm, relaxed.

Berry Exotic tends to have a sour berry,
earthy smell,reminiscent of both of its parents.
This cannabis strain has a quick flowering time,
making it an easy choice for some marijuana growers.
That’s why you will see Berry White in various forms other than flower,
like vape cartridges and shatter.

Well-liked for its even-keeled effects,
Berry Exotic can calm you down without gluing you to the couch.
Well this cannabis strain can be recognize for its soothing,euphoric effects.
It’s probably not the best choice for the daytime,
Berry White’s mellow,happy vibe will be  for a lazy afternoon or winding down after a long work day.

Consumers often note that Berry Exotic is a mood booster,
making it a good choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from mood disorders like depression and anxiety.
This cannabis strain can also imparts a decent body high that can help those with mild to moderate pain.

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