Cherry Wine




Cherry Wine Hemp Hemp contains 20-23.25% cbd and thc levels below 0.3%.They are slightly trim and ready for consuption for personal and business purposes.It is rich with hight levels of B-Caryophyllene which makes it unique.

Cherry Wine  

Hawaiian Pine one of the best you can find on the market.

Cherry Wine leans deeply into the sweetheart category making it the perfect CBD hemp flower for all of you hemp lovers out there.

A great bedside companion for when you are looking to chase away those long,restless nights and take you away with the type of calm last promised in a Calgon commercial from the late 70’s.
Just like a good glass of wine,these dense hemp buds are apt to make you remember that life is always richer when you can take the time to stop,
unwind and smell the cherry blossoms.

AS the name suggests,
The terpenes in this beauty crackle with a pop of sweet stone fruit layered with piney and peppery undertones.

High levels of b-Caryophyllene and Linalool give this CBD bud it’s rich nose and a relaxing therapeutic effect.

Her sweet side,Cherry Wine is also a CBD rich powerhouse capable to deliver a lovely balance and smokability.

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